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Satellite Bandwidth Services

GroundPort is able to offer satellite coverage worldwide.


We concentrate on Africa and the Middle East.


Service clients include:







GroundPort provides services ranging from low cost internet access to moderately priced dedicated services for your specific requirements. These can be for a single site, a point-to point link or a multi-site network.


GroundPort offers a number of fully managed turnkey solutions or may facilitate any individual element of your service:







The standard C Band and Ku Band coverage areas are shown here.


We will provide recommendations to meet your technical and budgetary requirements.


Please contact us with details of your needs for an open, no-obligation discussion of how we can help you.


coverage_c_band coverage_ku_band

Standard C Band coverages

Standard Ku Band coverages

  • Remotely located SMEs

  • Entrepreneurial ISPs

  • Multi-national Corporates

  • Government and Non-Governmental Organisations

  • Raw capacity

  • Uplink services

  • Internet and VOIP

  • Network Management and Control